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What is a smart meter?

There are usually 2 parts to a smart meter: The meter itself and the In-Home Display (IHD). Here’s some info on both parts:

  1. The meter itself. This sits in the same place as your old meter and serves the same purpose, with one subtle difference....  it sends meter readings directly to us, meaning that you don’t have to read your meter. Having a smart meter is good because it means that your bills are generated from frequent, accurate and regular readings.
  2. The In-Home Display (IHD). This a small tablet-style device that you will be given. You can keep this display anywhere in your home that has a Wi-Fi connection. This display will give you information about your energy consumption such as a real-time figure of how much energy you are using (kWh) and how much it’s costing you.

One of the lesser talked about reasons for the introduction of smart meters is that they will help the UK’s National Grid to manage energy much more efficiently. They will help to make our energy system greener, whilst also making it more reliable. Another benefit of Smart is that suppliers and the National Grid can predict energy use throughout the UK more accurately, this in turn means that the energy can be purchased on the wholesale market at a cheaper price. Ultimately this saving will be passed onto customers.  This is why there is much government focus on them being installed. We aim to be installing these by 2020 and will keep our customers informed about our plan.