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Do you charge an early exit fee?

Some of our tariffs may have an exit fee. This will be shown on your welcome email and on your bills.


Do Exit Fee’s apply if I switch internally?

If you are on a tariff without exit fee’s we can switch you onto our latest tariffs immediately at no extra cost, at any point of your current contract.

If you’d like to switch to our more recent tariff but have exit fees on your current contract, then you will have to pay the exit fees attached to your tariff. The reason why we charge exit fees when switching between our tariffs is due to the energy we buy for each tariff.

When we release a new tariff, we buy enough energy from the wholesale market to last the length of the contract. This enables us to charge a fixed price for the duration and offer our customers the best possible price at that time.

We offer a variable tariff without exit fees, but we can’t make this as cheap as any of our fixed deals because it is exposed to movements in the wholesale market. We also are unsure of how many customers we’ll be supplying in advance.

When your tariff ends, we aim to have a new tariff which is competitive and we very much hope you’ll consider staying with us.