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How do I read my meter?

Reading your meter shouldn't be difficult, below shows all the ways it can be done. 

Dial meters

Dial meters are notoriously tricky. It doesn't matter what your dials look like, but if your meter has dials, these are the steps to follow.

When taking your meter reading from a dial meter, you should always ignore:

  • Any red dials or numbers in red
  • Dials without a pointer or numbers
  • Dials marked 1/10

For all of the relevant dials on your meter, please take these steps:

  1. Read your dials from left to right, following the numbers around the dial in numerical order. Sometimes this may mean you read the dials counterclockwise.
  2. Read the number indicated by each pointer from left to right, and note it down. If the pointer is in between two numbers, use the smaller number. However, if the pointer is pointing directly at a number, look at the next dial along to the right. If the pointer on the second dial is between 9 and 0, reduce the number on the original dial by 1. For example, if one dial is pointing directly at 4, check the dial to the right. If that pointer is between 9 and 0, note a 3 down on the original dial.


Standard mechanical meters & Digital meters

These meters come in two forms; single rate and dual rate.

With a single rate meter, you pay the same unit rate 24 hours a day. With a dual rate meter, you have two different unit rates – one for during the day, and a reduced rate at night.

Whether you're a single rate or dual rate customer, you should always read these meters the same.

For both types, follow the numbers from left to right. You can ignore anything that's:

  • After a decimal point
  • Shown in red
  • With a T before them (this is for digital meters only)

For dual rate meters

Your dual rate meter will show two sets of numbers in one of the following ways:

  1. You see both the day and night rate displays at the same time
  2. The meter alternates between the day and night rates automatically
  3. You need to press a button to switch between the day and night rate displays




Whichever way your meter shows your readings, note them both down and supply them to us.