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Guaranteed Standards of Performance

We set an exceptionally high bar for ourselves and our partners to make sure our customers get the best energy experience possible.

Our Guaranteed Standards of Performance set out the criteria we promise to fulfil throughout your time with us, and you can read them below.


Sometimes, one of our engineers might need to visit your property – either because you’ve asked us to send one, or so we can do what we need to as your energy supplier. We will endeavour to:

  • To give you a range of appointment dates to choose from, wherever possible.
  • To give you an appointment date and time that’s convenient for you, to the best of our ability.
  • Not to rearrange an appointment that’s less than 24 hours away without your permission.
  • To keep any scheduled appointment unless you cancel it or agree to a new date.
  • For circumstances outside our control, we will endeavour to keep you updated as much as possible and find a solution going forward.
  • To ensure the engineer has the right skills, qualifications and experience needed to do what needs to be done during the appointment.

Meter problems (non-prepayment meters)

Gas and electricity meters should work properly and to acceptable tolerances. If you think there’s a problem with your meter, please let us know and we’ll get it fixed for you. Please don’t try to fix the meter yourself as we can arrange for specialist engineers on your behalf.

Once you’ve told us of a problem with your meter, we aim to do the following within 5 working days:

  • We’ll assess the meter to check if it’s working properly and within acceptable tolerances.
  • We’ll work out what the cause of the problem is, or otherwise make sure you get your supply through a meter that’s working properly and to acceptable tolerances.
  • We’ll ask if you’d like us to confirm the above in writing, including any actions we’ll take to ensure your supply comes through a working meter, and timescales for doing so.

If we receive your notification outside of normal working hours, the 5 working day timescale will run from the start of the next day.