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Helping you use less energy

Using energy in the most efficient way possible isn’t just good for the planet, it’s also great for your wallet. Even small changes can make a difference to your energy bills.

For lots of free and impartial advice on energy efficiency, visit the Energy Saving Trust. In the meantime, we’ve written a few tips below to get you started.

Switch off lights when you don’t need them.

Okay, okay. You probably know this one. But did you know that lights take up about 18% of an average household’s annual electricity bill? Even energy-saving bulbs cost money to run, so when you turn in, turn off the lights. 

Open those curtains!

The Sun, nature’s light source, is a fantastic illuminator, and best of all it’s free! So during daylight hours turn off the lights, open all your curtains, raise all the blinds, tie back the netting, and let the sunshine in.

Don’t use more than you need

Boiling a kettle uses quite a lot of electricity so make sure that you don’t fill it with any more water than you need.  The same applies to dishwashers, washing machines and tumble driers, so try not to use them until they are fully loaded.

Stick to 30° or less when washing clothes.

Blistering hot water ruins clothes and uses a lot of electricity to heat. Most laundry detergents are extremely effective at temperatures of 30° and under, so stick to the cooler cycles to save money and keep your clothes beautiful.

Reducing the heating a little can make a big difference

Keeping warm in winter is important but turning down the thermostat for your heating by just 1° C could help reduce your heating costs by almost 10%.  If you are away from your property for any time during winter, make sure your heating comes on for a couple of hours, morning and evening at a low temperature to help avoid burst pipes from freezing.

Dry clothes outdoors

Drying your laundry outside on a washing line, when the weather is suitable, uses no energy at all (unlike a tumble dryer).


If an appliance is more energy efficient it uses less energy and costs less to run.  When you need to replace your existing appliances, try to buy the most energy-efficient model you can to lower your energy bills.

Have a look at an energy efficiency reference sticker below:


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