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What should I do if I'm moving home, and want to stay with YE?

If you're moving home, simply give us a call the day of your move, or just after, with your final meter readings from your old place. We'll be able to process a 'move out' on our system and generate you a final bill.

If you would like Yorkshire Energy to supply your new property, you will need to sign up on one of our currently available tariffs as we're unable to transfer your existing contract to a new address. You can do this over the phone or online at If we're not already supplying your new property, we will send a request to the current supplier. Please note, the switching process takes 21 days - this is industry standard - so you will be liable for your energy charges with the current supplier between this time. Don't worry - we'll keep you updated throughout the switching process. 3 days before you go live with us at your new property, you'll be given access to the Online Portal where you can submit your opening meter readings.