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Access to your home

We will occasionally need to access your home to inspect or carry out necessary work on your meters or relevant metering equipment. This will be either a Yorkshire Energy employee, an employee from one of our third-party agents or in an emergency, an employee of your local electricity or gas network operator.

Someone over the age of 18 is required to be present at all times.


Every time we send someone to your property, whether this is one of our employees or an employee of one of our third-party agents, they will carry identification.  Please ask to see this identification before letting them into your property.

If you’re still unsure whether they are who they say, please call us on 0113 4510700 to check before letting them in.  We’ll check their details and confirm whether they have been sent by Yorkshire Energy.

We, our third-party agents, the electricity network and gas network operators will make sure that anyone who visits the property on our or their behalf:

  • Has the necessary experience and qualifications to complete the task which they have been asked to perform;
  • Will be easy for you to identify; 
  • Will be respectful to yourself and the property;
  • Will be able to inform you, of sources of independent advice for both electricity and gas, if required.

As part of your contract with us, you agree to provide our employees, our third-party agents’ employees and employees of the electricity network operator and gas network operator with safe access to your property and any electricity or gas meters located at your property when required.

In the event that we don’t meet your expectations and you wish to raise a complaint, please refer to our Complaints Policy.