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What information do you need from me to sign up?

When you sign up we will ask you for some personal details, such as your name and supply address. This is so we can create you an account at the correct address. You will be asked some information about your household and meter details. We will also ask you for your annual consumption readings, this is so we can give you a more accurate personal projection. Don't worry if you don't have these details to hand, we can work out an average based on Ofgem averages in your area.

From here you will be presented with two options:

Sign up: Once you are happy with your quote, we will then take further details from you, such as your email address and Direct Debit details. We can't sign you up without an email or Direct Debit details. We will then make contact with your existing supplier to complete your switch. This can take 21 days. You do not have to contact them, we will do this for you. We then send you all your confirmation in a welcome email.

If you would like to switch you can do this online at or call us on 01134510700. 

Email your quote: If you wish to think about your quote or compare this, you can send yourself this information in an email. Please note that our Tariff may change from time to time and we may not be able to offer the same one on your quote.  


Please note that none of your personal detail are stored if the sign up process hasn't been completed.