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Renewable Energy

What makes our electricity 100% Renewable (Green Energy)?

We promise that for each kWh of electricity you use, we will buy the same amount of electricity from guaranteed renewable sources. This electricity is Ofgem certified and has a Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origin, this is known as a REGO.

Our proactive approach supports the generation of renewable electricity to ensure we do our part in protecting the environment.


What is a REGO?

Each unit of renewable electricity exported to the grid by a generator receives a Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificate. This certificate is awarded by Ofgem and provides details of the generating station producing the electricity, the renewable technology used and the time period in which it was produced.

Suppliers must have enough of these certificates to match the energy used by their customers. For example, if you use 3,100kWh of electricity in a year, we will make sure we have 3,100kWh worth of certificates from renewable sources.

This helps ensure all the renewable electricity we feed into the grid on behalf of our customers is fully accounted for. 


What about gas?

There is something called 'green gas' which is an alternative to natural gas. It is produced from the gases given off when organic material is broken down. For example, gas can be collected from animal manure, plants, compost, sewage, and landfill sites.

As with electricity, there is a scheme in place for supplier's to guarantee some or all of the gas bought for customers is from green sources.

Currently though, green gas is not widely available therefor we buy all of our customers gas on the wholesale market, where the majority is natural gas.

We aim to implement Green Gas in the future and to incorporate this into our Fair for All Tariffs.