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I think my meter is running too fast

There any many reasons why you may think your meter may be running too fast.
If you’re concerned at all, please give us a call to explain why you may think so. We may need to know a bit more about your property and the appliances you use. For example, a big coffee machine uses considerably more energy than just using your kettle, and old white goods such as washing machines might not be as energy efficient as newer models.
Ways to test if you're meter is running too fast: 
Creep test (electricity):
Turn off your power at the fuse box and check if the electricity meter is still clocking consumption. It should have stopped as no electricity is being used – if it’s clocking, it probably is faulty. You’d still need to pay upfront for a Meter Accuracy Test but we could say fairly confidently that you’ll get your money back when the engineer has completed the test.
Burns test (gas):
Start by turning off all your gas appliances and heating. Turn on one item, such as a single gas ring, and then watch the meter for a few minutes. For a single gas ring the meter should only clock a few kilowatt hours over the course of five minutes. Make a note of the amount the meter clocks up and tell us the figures you’ve noted. We’ll be able to judge whether your meter’s working properly or not.
If you believe your meter is faulty, please email in to and our operations team will investigate this for you and if necessary, we'll organise for our metering engineers to come and visit your property.