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Opening Meter Reads

Opening meter reads are probably the most important ones you can give us. They let us open your account with all the right details, so you pay the right amount from day one.


We need you to submit these within a 5 day window - 3 days before you go live and up to 2 days after. Don’t worry, we will send you an email reminder when it’s time. If you don’t provide us with your opening meter readings within this window, we will have to use estimates from the industry and your previous supplier.


We wish it was as simple as that, you provide us with an opening meter read and hey presto! You have got a seamless switch. Unfortunately, rules within the industry make this process a tad more complicated.


When you provide us with opening meter reads, the first thing that must happen is they are passed on for industry validation. This is a standard process every supplier follows.


The opening meter reads you provide are checked against the information that the energy industry holds for your meters to make sure the reads are (roughly) in line with what they’d expect. Only once this has been completed are the reads sent on to your previous supplier.


The whole process usually takes around 2-4 weeks from the point at which you send us your meter reads to your previous supplier receiving them. Gas and Electricity opening read are validated individually and by separate industry regulated companies, therefore it’s not uncommon for your previous supplier to receive them at slightly different times.


If a read you have given is outside what is expected, it will fail validation and won’t be used. That’s not to say it isn’t correct, the usual reason for this is that your previous supplier may not have had a recent read from you. If your reads have failed validation, we have to use the estimate the industry has provided. As much of a nuisance as it is, please don’t worry if we use a slightly different figure as your opening meter read, it’s to ensure you never pay twice for the same energy!


If you would like us to use your read rather than an estimate, it is possible in certain circumstances to dispute the estimate read. To raise a dispute, we will need photos of your meter displaying at least 2 readings a week apart (including your opening meter read). We can also use the photos to check your gas meter is correctly identified as metric or imperial (m3 or ft3) and whether there should be a decimal point in your readings. If you would like to dispute your electricity reading and have a night and day rate, we will need a photo of each.


The timescales for a dispute resolution are 14 weeks for electricity and 8 weeks for gas but we will keep you updated during this process.


To help the process as much as possible and to ensure your readings are used from the outset, please ensure that the opening readings you provide to us and the closing reads you provide your previous supplier are the same.