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Dispute a meter reading


If you would like to dispute the estimated meter reading used on your account, we will need a photo of your meter.


To raise a dispute, we need to have at least 2 readings a week apart. (Your opening meter read and this one). We will also use the photo to check your gas meter is correctly identified as metric or imperial (m3 or ft3), if there should be a decimal point in your readings and with electricity there could also be multiple readings so we need a photo of each.


The timescales for a dispute resolution are 14 weeks for electricity and 8 weeks for gas but we will keep you updated during this process.


When you provide us with a meter read(s), the first thing that must happen is they are passed on for industry validation. This is a standard process every supplier follows.


The meter reads you provide are checked against the information that the energy industry holds for your meters to make sure the reads are (roughly) in line with what they’d expect. Gas and Electricity reads are validated individually and by separate industry regulated companies.


If the reads you have given are outside what is expected, it will fail validation and they won’t be used. That’s not to say it isn’t correct, a decimal point may have been missed. They may have been input incorrectly, your read is out of tolerance or not provided in time. If your reads have failed validation we have to use the estimate the industry has provided. As much of a nuisance as it is, please don’t worry if we use a slightly different figures.