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When will my credit balance be refunded?

Please be assured, all credit balances are guaranteed by OFGEM's Supplier of Last Resort process and Scottish Power will honour all credits. If you were in credit with Yorkshire Energy and you have received your Final Bill then please contact Scottish Power on 0800 559 3309 and they will arrange for your Credit Balance to be added to your Scottish Power account. If you do not have a Scottish Power account they will send a refund to you by Cheque.  Please note, Yorkshire Energy are not issuing any refunds, since we are now in Administration so any queries relating to your Final Credit Balance should be raised with Scottish Power. You will need your Final Bill from Yorkshire Energy in order to claim your credit balance so please ensure you have received this before contacting them. If you have not received it yet, please be assured we are working as fast as we can to issue all former customers with a Final Bill and expect this process to be completed soon.