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The readings on my final bill are incorrect?

Please be advised, all closing readings were agreed with Scottish Power in December.


YE Staff are not in a position to amend the final readings and will only be available to answer queries for a limited time, since the company has officially ceased trading and has only retained a small number of YE employees to assist in the collection of outstanding monies owed. Therefore, you should raise this directly with Scottish Power in the first instance and they should be able to assist you in this matter.


Please note, Scottish Power gave customers up to 16th December 2020 to provide actual readings and then submitted those readings to YE for us to bill up to. It is possible that your readings were taken after 5th December because of this extended deadline;  But will still show on your final bill as this date because this is the last day we can charge standing charges for.


That being said, Scottish Power should be using the same readings to open your account from so it will not result in you paying for any additional usage. The only impact this will have on your bill is you may pay for more units on YE's rates than Scottish Power's rates (which in many cases may actually benefit customers).


Where they were unable to obtain actual readings, they agreed to use our estimates as per a commercial agreement with our administrators. 


In any case, our closing read and their opening read should be identical to prevent you paying twice for the same energy. If they are not then you must contact Scottish Power and ask them to amend their opening reading to match, as per their agreement with the administrator.