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I have received a final bill and it has a debit balance

Please be advised, Yorkshire Energy are still responsible for billing up to and including 5th December 2020. 


Scottish Power have not inherited any debt owed to Yorkshire Energy for energy used up to this date. They are only paying out the credit balances. Therefore, if you have received a bill with a debit balance this is still payable to Yorkshire Energy's administrators. 


We have retained a small number of staff to help facilitate this process so you may be contacted by somebody at Yorkshire Energy to collect this payment.


If you have a direct debit mandate already with us then we will attempt to collect via this mandate. Please refer to your email, which will tell you if and when we will collect this payment via direct debit. 


If you do not have a direct debit mandate with us anymore or the balance is significant then we will not collect the payment automatically and will ask you, instead, to make a payment via your online portal at where you can pay by debit or credit card. 


If you have a significant debit balance and you cannot afford to clear it in one payment, please contact us by emailing and we will discuss alternative payment arrangements with you.