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How do my payments work?

When you signed up with us, we asked you to provide the previous 12 months energy usage for your household. From this we calculated a personal projection for you. We divided this projection cost into 12 monthly payments that we collect from your direct debit account each month. Your first payment is taken on your switch date as we charge in advance.


Every month, the payment we take from you applies to your Yorkshire Energy account as a credit. Every month, we send you a bill based on meter reads.


If you submitted a reading within 5 days of your bill date we will bill you to this read. If no reading was provided or this was given too late, we will bill to an estimate.  Estimate readings are based on the past energy usage at the property. If you are billed to an estimate, when we receive your next meter reading your bill will be revised.


If you use less energy than your monthly payment, your account with us will be in credit. If you used more energy than the monthly payment, your account with us may go into debit.


Our aim is that your account balance with us at month 12 is as close to zero as possible - we don’t owe you anything and you don’t owe us. We review your account periodically to ensure that you don’t go into excessive credit or debit. If we predict this could happen based on your meter readings, we will increase or decrease your monthly Direct Debit accordingly. We will always give you at least 10 days notice of any change to your direct debit amount, in line with our Direct Debit agreement.


You may choose to increase or decrease your direct debit payments earlier. In order to review your payments, we require at least 2 meter readings a minimum of 2 weeks apart.