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Do I have an Economy 7 or 10 meter?

Economy 7 and Economy 10 meters offer users cheaper electricity between certain hours at night. This is different to single rate meters which only have one rate 24 hours a day. 


Economy 7 meters offer households 7 hours of cheaper electricity per 24-hour period, whilst Economy 10 meters offer 10 hours. The period when electricity is cheaper with an Economy 7 or 10 meter varies depending on which meter you have and the region in which you live. Typically, the 7 hours fall somewhere between 22:00 and 08:30.


You should be able to tell which type of electricity meter you have by looking at your meter. An Economy 7 or 10 meter will have two dials to measure the usage during the two periods or may have a button to toggle between the two displays. A single rate meter on the other hand will just have one dial. Alternatively, you can ask your current supplier. 


We may not be able to support some complex metering on E7 and E10. If you have a complex metering set up, please contact us to see if we can support this prior to signing up. An example of this could be multiple meter points, with multiple registers.